IBE BARTER: Barter is Smart Business

IBE Barter brings you NEW BUSINESS and provides you CASH SAVINGS when making purchases.

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Being a part of the IBE Community has helped to increase my business exposure while helping to reduce costs. All of my IBE purchases are made with the new sales that I have received through the IBE Community of professional businesses over the past almost 3 decades.

Dr. M. Kanter Lakewood Ranch Dental

Over 20 plus years of using the IBE alternative and modern currency has helped to build my business and grow my revenue stream. I don’t have to worry about accounts receivable with my IBE clients, I get paid immediatley. IBE stays on the leading edge of technology and provides state of the art accounting services.

DJ DesJardins Jr. Absolute Aluminum & Construction

My retail store is growing with my new clients from the IBE Community. Moving my excess inventory through news sales outlets that IBE has afforded me, has allowed me to have the IBE clients buy my merchandise at a retail rate so I don’t have to sell discounted cash, on a sales rack. I use my merchandise sales to move the access inventory, and turn those sales into wholesale buying power when I need to make a purchase with my IBE Currency.

Colleene Connelly A’TU Jewelry & Clothing Outlet

Being the former owner of Beneva Flowers and Gifts for over 25 years and trading with IBE from day one, has been a great partner experience. Having an extra team on my side to help promote my business is one of the many reasons I have been a member of IBE for close to three decades. The IBE Team becomes a part of your sales arm. They are constantly promoting my business throughout the IBE Community as well as the local community and beyond. I have realized not only new IBE Barter Business, I have also received no less than three to one cash referrals from having developed new business relationships that I have met through my membership within IBE. I am now owner of Bloomerang Solutions and continue my longtime business relations with the IBE Community.

Art Conforti Bloomerang Solutions

As a CPA Accountant I can tell you that IBE is a great add on to your business and a valuable tool to increase sales, save cash and grow your busienss. I have served on the Board of Directors with IBE for nearly 30 years. Most all businesses have excess time they can fill or excess inventory they need to move. When my clients ask me how can I grow my business, I tell them to explore a relationship with the IBE Barter Exchange.